Motor graders are mainly used for road building but are also extremely useful in site clean-up operations and for the establishment of platforms. Graders are recommended for road construction, site clearance and civil works where levelling and platforms are required.


To excavate is to dig; and that is exactly what excavators do – very efficiently! Recommended for large-scale trenching, bulk earthworks, and on road construction. They are popular with Civil Contractors.


Are used for compacting soil and aggregates to the customer’s specifications. Rollers are recommended for road building, site establishment and any other situation in which a firm base is required.

Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks are generally used to carry loads on conventional roadways. Our tipper trucks have Copelyn trailers, enabling their loads to be tipped out at the back. Tippers are recommended for the transportation of aggregates and building rubble. Various sizes are available to suit the requirements of customers.

Water Carts

These are trucks with mechanically operated water tanks on the back. They are used for dust suppression on construction sites, road construction and on Earthworks and Civils sites